The Norway House Foundation supports cultural, charitable and professional development programs that further its mission in the following areas:

  • Norwegian cultural and artistic activities in Northern California and cultural exchange programs between Northern California and Norway
  • Programs specifically serving Norwegian seamen or descendents of Norwegian seamen in Northern California
  • Professional exchange between Norway and Northern California
  • Programs providing needed social services for Norwegian nationals or Norwegian-Americans in Northern California

Norway House Foundation focuses on funding within the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. Grants are restricted to organizations with 501(c)(3) federal charitable tax status or foreign equivalent legal status. Collaborations will be funded through the identification of a lead agency which will take responsibility for grant administration and accountability of sub-grantees.

Grants may be made for funding of operation of ongoing programs, new programs, one-time projects, special events, or expansion/enhancement of existing programs. Norway House Foundation does not make grants to individuals; for endowment, for debt reduction, for sectarian religious activities, or for lobbying activities as defined by the Internal Revenue Service.

Grant size is generally between $ 2,000 and $25,000. A limited number of multi-year grants will be considered, with the establishment of appropriate milestones and progress payments.

GRANT PROCESS AND TIMELINES Responses must be limited to three pages of narrative that respond to the questions posed in the Proposal Guidelines, along with a one page project budget and requested attachments.
Proposal Guidelines (pdf)

The Foundation Board considers grant requests two times per year, usually in May and November. Proposals must be received at least four weeks prior to a Board meeting to be considered at the following meeting. Please contact Foundation staff for the exact deadlines for each funding cycle. Projects are expected to begin within six months of funding notification.

The Foundationís staff, Leventhal Kline Management, is available to assist organizations in developing proposals which meet the goals of the Foundation. They will provide limited technical assistance to programs of interest to the Foundation. Contact Benita Kline at 510-841-4123, or e-mail at for more information.